Leaving Antigua, W. I.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

High and Dry (and Cold)

We've spent the month of May ashore, visiting relatives in California and Colorado, and trying to stay warm.  We nearly froze in the Rockies last week -- first time we've seen winter weather in years, and there was some kind of white stuff on the ground.  We have vague memories of living like that, but we're missing that warm Caribbean sun.  Reports from friends advise that Play Actor is faring well in her berth in Grenada, and that the weather there is wonderful, as usual. 

I've published Dungda de Islan', a story of our cruising  life in the Caribbean, this week, and it's making its way into distribution.  Links to the eBook version are on my writer's blog at www.clrdougherty.com .  The paperback version will be there soon.  If you're interested in the eBook version, check out the promotional offers.  I'll be raising the price soon, once it gets into general distribution, so don't dally. 

We're starting to think about the projects awaiting our return to Play Actor next month.  None are of the magnitude of the engine replacement, but there's always something to work on, on a boat.  I've kept my hand in by doing homeowner repairs at Leslie's folks' house, just to keep from getting rusty.  It's easy to forget that houses require as much attention as boats.  I guess the grass is always greener somewhere else. 

We're looking forward to visiting children and grandchildren in Texas during June.  At least we should be able to thaw our aching joints, there.  Who knew it would be cold in central California this time of year?

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