Leaving Antigua, W. I.

Saturday, January 29, 2011



Everything is coming together.  The machine shop finished fabricating the engine rails last week, and we've put three coats of enamel on them.  They're so pretty that it's a shame to put them under the engine.  Speaking of which, the engine arrived in St. Martin yesterday.  The custom propeller is en route from the manufacturer in Canada.  We should have it by Monday.  We're ready to start work, except that we're waiting for dock space at the boat yard where we will do the work.  Soon come, as they say in the islands.

We considered loading the new engine in the cockpit and doing the work at anchor, but we need more electricity for our power tools than we can draw from our house battery bank without running the engine for a recharge, and we obviously can't run the engine until we install it.

Patience.  Soon come.

Starboard Engine Rail from back end

Port Engine Rail from back end

Still in the shiping crate

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